-Sir David Attenborough

“I believe we can all live more sustainable lives, and be happier doing so.”

There is only one news story that demands our attention.

The Climate Emergency

The Sustaina Ball is committed to being as near to carbon neutral as possible. An event sustainability report will offer us the peace of mind, that when we come and party we leave no trace! If you are seen littering on site, either accidentally or with intent, you will be politely asked to bin your rubbish by our stewards and organisers. It takes a lot of thought to bring the great party vibes and focus on the environment first and foremost. This is a test of The Sustaina Crew’s integrity, to find new ways of delivering a sustainable festival. In the fullness of time, our festival will become the discovery place for adults to engage in sustainable living solutions and have a ball whilst doing it! Come and absorb into the natural beauty of all the life that surrounds us. We believe that change for the climate will come through us human beans reconnecting with what matters.