We love the Earth

We love to Party

So, we put the two together

The Sustaina Ball is a party like no other. We aim to give to the environment. Sustainability is the key to partying long into the future. Set in the picturesque countryside of East sussex, wildlife and revellers experience their surroundings together through a shared lens, but something mysterious is taking hold…

Our organisers met dancing in woodlands. Bonding over a shared ethos of loving nature and having a ball. This seed has flourished into The Sustaina Ball.

We aim to fill the gap that bridges the worlds of “professional production” and “local, heart-felt and conscious.” Making recycling an enjoyable activity. Educating people in unconventional and engaging ways. While conserving our natural environment in the process. These are at the heart of what we do!

We are a collective of peace-loving party people. The Sustaina Ball team have come together and bonded over a shared ethos – We love the Earth and We love to Party. We believe that there is a surge in popularity to regain a sense of community after the pandemic. To give back locally and to reconnect with each other in a sustainable way. We aim to channel this at our festival.

Music and arts at the festival are centred on the ways we can enjoy ourselves and remain conscious of our environmental impact. The magical theme of nature and wildlife infuses every experience. Set in a unique location in East Sussex, The Sustaina Ball brings you back to nature and transports you far from the hum-drum of a town or city.

A carefully selected array of live acts and DJs will grace our two utterly spectacular stages. You can expect to find extravagant decor, laser show, art installations, cabaret, circus act, drummers, world food, UV backdrops, affordable bars and immersive performance that will entertain and enlighten you. We are following a dream to combine our love of music and nature, and bring people together to reconnect with what matters. And have a ball! The Sustaina Ball.

Who We Are

Frog Wizard

Promoter  – The idea of a new, sustainable festival came to Frog Wizard whilst camping in ancient woodland. Combining his close connection to nature with his passion for dance music has become his vocation.

Since starting out as the “youngest DJ in Kent” aged, 11, he was playing 7-inch singles at his friends’ birthdays on plastic turntables that Santa bought for him…from Argos. Going on to resident at local clubs and bars he found a skill in organising Jungle raves on the south coast around the time that DnB was being born.

Frog Wizard brings a wealth of experience to the team having worked as a theatre practitioner, teacher, promoter, director, producer, and DJ. Apart from that, he could be anything…

Jon Smiler

VA and Carpenter – Jon can build anything, especially a good, strong compost toilet. He does it all with a winning smile. Expect a swirling kaleidoscope of colour and light splashed over the stage décor. Dabbling in sound engineering and DJ’ing, Jon has a keen ear for trance fuelled by his visits to Thailand. He also has a freakishly good memory for the year of any album artwork you show him.

Richard Plumridge (Monster)

Sound & Visuals – Richard is a man of many talents and a wide range of experience on the festival circuit. Working around Europe as a DJ and promoter deep in the psytrance scene he made a name for himself hosting Munch, a psychedelic trance party of epic proportions. Now he works as a site manager for an electricians firm and knows a thing or two about how to power our festival in an efficient and sustainable way.

Joanna Soteriades

Self declared: Chief Spreadsheet Officer – Joanna was the natural choice for the role of operations and number cruncher, based purely on her love for a to-do list and telling others what they are allowed to spend money on.

Mark Piper

Health & Safety – Mark is an old skool junglist and an expert in keeping everybody safe at the festival. Often caught skulking around at the back of the rave. Always wearing a smile, and clothes that resemble an undercover police officer.

Mark pushes for excellence in his very important role as Safety Officer. Living locally, and having managed many large events in Sussex, Mark has proved to be a vital link between how our festival will set up and how we serve the community.

Pat Wilkinson

Creative design – Patrick began painting in 2001, after some friends started a club night in Essex. He confesses he was never able to DJ, so decided to give painting a go. Creating bespoke models and designs for various commissioned work, Patrick utilises colour, light, and the power of the mind, to enhance the atmosphere and increase the positive vibe for all.


Music – Planetman is heavily involved in the musical influence of our festival. The quality of his curation and wide ranging expertise on the festival circuit means the atmosphere will be totally spot on. On stage he spreads the word of unity through his sky-high vibes and trance inducing jams. His monthly Little Blue Ball parties at the venue spanned over a decade, and became legendary for their magical atmosphere and round-the-block queues!

Planetman’s mission to bring together an eclectic bunch of creatives for our festival has been no mean feat, and he welcomes you to enjoy, and join in the with the spirit of peace, love and unity.


How we help to support the earth

We have a sustainability policy that means close attention is paid to the pro-environmental solutions on offer in our community.  The site is a working farm in East Sussex that will be respected and treated with the sensitivity that it deserves.  Wildlife and vegetation are extremely important to maintaining the natural beauty of the festival site.  Wherever possible, renewable energies are used at the event including a bike-powered PA system and solar power generators.  We hope that you believe, as we do, in ‘Leave No Trace’.


We are working with TreeSisters, “…an invitation to everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. Our global network of treesisters is transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women’s leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within more than 10 major ecosystems around the global Tropics, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects and in the process, planting millions of trees. Join us in making ecological restoration the new norm!”


How we support the community

At a local level we pledge to support charities of all kinds.

Tree Sisters

Donating to TreeSisters, a UK registered social change and reforestation charity, is one of the many ways to reduce the negative environmental impact of our festival. With the government having pledged that by 2050 we will have cut carbon emissions to net zero – this will be our contribution to that cause.

When you purchase a festival ticket to The Sustaina Ball we promise to donate the cost for the planting of one tree.


How to ensure a bright future

There is a life-long love of learning that the event team have tapped into and used to develop ideas for The Sustaina Ball.  Some of the event team are teachers, instructors, and skilled people in the festival industry that simply love to broaden our knowledge in all sorts of ways.  In the fullness of time, we hope to make The Sustaina Ball the discovery place for adults to engage in fun activities that create a lasting impression and maybe impact pro-environmental behaviours outside of the festival.


There will be an eco-bond system in place at the campsite. On entry to the campsite you will be given waste bags to dispose of your rubbish. Camp flags can be achieved from our quirky “How Clean is your Camp” crew. When you return 2 bags of recyclable rubbish you will receive a code that entitles you to £10 discount on your festival ticket for 2022. Should you decide to not buy a ticket next year, we promise to donate the £10 to TreeSisters.


Themes of nature connectedness and conservation drive the story of The Soul Owl. Décor is turning your eye towards the natural beauty that surrounds us. Roaming performers and an immersive performance space will transport you into a fiction (or is it fact?) that highlights the potential of a new world narrative, beginning here – Episode Zero – with you as the main protagonist.


All the food and beverage at the festival has been carefully sourced to diminish our carbon footprint. A few meat offerings will be available using local farmers’ produce whilst most vendors will be providing vegan/vegetarian options only. Packaging is strictly recyclable/biodegradable. No single use plastic containers/cutlery are used at any stall.

Our Impacts

How we reduce our damage

Every element of the festival is focussed on sustainability.  With a robust set of parameters in place, the event team are challenged to source supplies and services from the local community.  Artists and DJs have been selected whilst considering their travel distance to the site.  That is why you will find that most of the line-up consists of some of the finest new and established artists the South of England has to offer.

Traders are all local businesses and produce has been checked for its sustainability. Some of the more interesting local ales, beers and spirits have found a place at The Sustaina Ball not only due to their taste, but also how local they are. All fruit and vegetables sold on site will be seasonal.

Power that supplies the festival is bike, solar-hybrid, and generators that use vegetable oil. Whilst it remains a difficult task to supply the size of PA system that is appropriate using only renewable energy, we believe that we have found the right balance of power consumption and pounding bass, and can still remain within the boundaries of our sustainability policy.

If you have any questions please get in touch.